Justice delayed is justice denied!

To those of you who have signed the petition, thank you for your support to restore Jim Thorpe’s Olympic wins. With over 20K signatures in just two weeks, your effort to amplify the true story of our legendary Native American hero is helping us lay the foundation to right history.

The IOC issued the following statement In a response to a WFMZ News story:

"The story of the personal achievements and the difficulties faced by Thorpe during his life is a source of unquestionable inspiration in itself for current and future generations, which cannot be increased by retroactively adjusting the ranking of the other athletes."

We continue to call upon the IOC to remove the red stain of discrimination toward Jim Thorpe, our World Olympic Icon.

In today’s environment it is unacceptable to let the wrong records stand for the World’s Greatest Athlete. Native people have had enough stolen from us – our languages, our lands, our culture – and it is now time to take back what was stolen from our Sac and Fox and Potawatomi Hero and reinstate Jim Thorpe’s original and correct Olympic records!

As an organization whose core values represent equality among nations, it is the IOC’s responsibility to make things right.

The IOC’s stated mission is “a commitment to building a better world through sport.”

To this, we say: here is your chance.

In the IOC’s Core Values, it is written: “Respect -- This includes respect for yourself and your body, for other people, for rules and regulations, for sport and for the environment.”

It’s in your values to respect your rules, which you broke in stripping Jim’s wins. This is your opportunity to walk your talk.

We invite you -- let’s work together to do better for the next generation.

We’re just getting started!


Nedra Darling
Executive Producer of Bright Path
& Co-Founder of Bright Path Strong